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2017 Vendors

Post your sea glass shard or other beach finds here for identification. Identification is very difficult or impossible without a photo. We’ve found that questions about identifying sea glass and other beachcombing treasures that don’t have a photo rarely get answers. For that reason: You must submit a photo of your sea glass shard or beach find for your question to be accepted. To upload a photo, it should be less than pixels wide. Click here for easy instructions on resizing your photo.

Glass Beach

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. Continuing to use this site means you agree to our use of cookies. Can you believe these beautiful jewelry and accessories are made from discarded sea glass in the beaches of Camiguin?

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My silly thought is, if I put the glass into the lake then one day it will be smoothed by waves and washed ashore for a collector to find. Collectors are just as pleased to discover glass stoppers, marbles, pottery pieces and more along our shores. You can join as well if you are a collector, or, would like to learn more to start a collection.

So I drove up and on my first try found sea glass. Fresh air, the sound of the waves, peaceful setting, finding glass and fossils dating back millions of years make this an enriching hobby. So, with a wealth of knowledgeable sources at my fingertips, I decided to ask more people why they do what they do and why others should come to Kenosha to do it, too. They say it best.

My parents always looked for beach glass and passed it down to my sister and me.

How to Identify Black Sea Glass

One of my favorite pastimes is beachcombing, specifically searching for sea glass. Over the years, I have accumulated quite a bit! One rainy day, I figured what else to do but spread out all of my sea glass and see what I had? First, I separated by color, then shades of each color. With my handy-dandy identification cards, I found that some of my pieces were quite rare. The following is all of my treasure to date accompanied with fun facts!

Art glass and decorative glass items were produced in lower volumes some even dating back far enough to deem this color of beach glass.

Sea glass is simply glass from shards of glass which are weathered over many years of tumbling in the oceans. Dating of sea glass is very inexact. Much of it is based on the color and knowledge of when glass of such colors was commonly used. Collectors and people who make jewelry with sea glass have written extensively on which colors correspond to which dates. Color alone may be insufficient though, and characteristics such as the thickness of the glass and prevalence of bubbles can aid in assigning an age to a specimen.

The following sites talk about more and less rare glass , usually based on their colors:. You’d probably need to analyze the chemicals in the glass to get a better idea of how long ago the glass was made. If the glass has been exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light, then you can track the amount of certain chemicals created by ultraviolet irradiation. I don’t know what those are, exactly – you’d need to talk to a chemist.

All About Black, Gray and Clear Sea Glass

The majority of sea glass originates from mass produced utilitarian vessels, while tableware and art glass are less common sources. The same can be said about sea pottery. Yet due to the immense variety of ceramics, identifying sea worn fragments can be particularly challenging. A good way to start is by classifying shards into one of three categories: earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain.

Ceramics are grouped into these categories based on the density and firing temperature of the clay.

This beach is cleaner, has a gorgeous beach house dating from , offers opportunities for beachcombing (shells and sea glass ” Oak Street Beach. mi.

It is no surprise that a lot of people still make glass jewelry. There are schools in Virginia that offer glass jewelry classes. This Virginia Beach glass gallery is not only an art shop but also a vape shop. You can find exquisite Virginia Beach glass jewelry and art in their VA stores. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories with glass pieces are called glass jewelry. Glass that was molded through time, like sea glass, is forged with silver, gold, or rope to make beautiful accessories and artwork.

In Virginia Beach, glass art and jewelry are popular. There is even an annual festival for glass creations in the beaches of VA.

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An archive of sea glass photos and comments submitted by readers for the Photo of the Week section. Have a sea glass photo you would like to submit? Click Photo Submission Info for submission details. Idaho was where we were prior to moving down three years ago. I started walking our local beach with my dog at first, then a friend of mine told me about picking up sand dollars.

Our beach glass comes from the fresh water shores of Lake Erie, Ohio. of ships that have been lost to the bottom of the lake dating back to the early ‘s.

When you think about sea glass, visions of glowing soft aqua, seafoam and greens… scattered with a few blushing pinks and soft lavender purples may spring to mind. These tropical sunrise colors are sea glass classics, but the sea also shapes subtle tones from clear through every shade of gray, to almost pure black. These colors are sometimes overlooked by the newbie sea glass hunter because they love to blend into the beach stones they are often found between.

But, in the sparkling sunlight, clear sea glass glows with the colors surrounding it — reflecting the blue of sky and sea. Light gray reveals its inner-glow to the sun as well, but those almost blacks… they often remain hidden. But once discovered, they become some of the favorites of any collection. Grays from pure ash to almost a yellow, blacks with their hidden glow of green or amber, and clears from ice pink, to ice yellow to ice aqua, or truly colorless, each one is unique, and has a fascinating story to tell.

For millennia, additives have been blended with sand, lime and soda, to give glass a color. Long about the s, cleaver adult beverage distillers and brewers discovered that dark glass protected their glorious beverages from souring.

Sea Glass Color: Complete Guide to Origin and Rarity

A bit of. Conveniently located not just along the historic Lake Erie, but also the historic village of North East with its beautiful downtown park that is home to concerts and events year-round and its historic shopping district. Our story begins in and, as all great tales do, it began with a grand idea.

When dating sea found shards, the context and history of the beach is equally important as the history of the fragment and may help provide a more accurate.

Keep up to date with company news, specials and our unique take on things in Bermuda. Sea glass collection is a hobby that consists in collecting pieces of man made glass naturally crafted by the sea. This can be fragments of glass bottles, but also of jars and pottery thrown at sea or on the beach by careless people. However, the sea has transformed these pieces of glass and created good from bad. The one that is commonly thought of being the best Sea Glass and often mistaken for being in Hamilton is in fact located a mile outside the Royal Naval Dockyard , across from the Naval Cemetery and the Convict Cemetery.

This place is actually called Black Bay Beach. When the British Navy was still in residence in Bermuda and in the Royal Naval Dockyard, they had their social facilities near the beach. It was then a habit for them to throw their empty bottles out of the window on the beach or in the sea. The sea glass beach is not suitable for swimming or sunbathing so it is always quiet apart from collectors of sea glass.

Sea Glass Photo Archives

Sea glass comes in so many beautiful colors. In this post I will reveal where the different colors come from and how rare they are. Who knows, you may have a few gems in your collection!

It is widely believed that only 1 out of every pieces of sea glass discovered will be black! With limited production dating as far back as the s, black.

We have been coming to the Bahamas on our boat since While here, we rarely miss a day of sea glassing. During the past few years we have seen a diminishing amount of sea glass treasures. This year we have been totally surprised and amazed by the pieces that are again washing up on the shore. Some of my best finds will not be turned into jewelry. I am going to keep these treasures for myself. I did my happy dance on the beach when I found this turquoise glass stopper in perfect condition.

The square bottoms made the bottles pack more efficiently in cases to be transported to the colonies. Between and Clorox bleach came is amber bottles. Until , the lettering on Clorox bottles was raised and solid. The production of glass electrical insulators flourished beginning in the early s. Electrical insulators were used to attach the wires to the cross arms at the top of the poles. Hundreds of glass factories all over the country produced these insulators.

Making ‘beach’ glass

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